I was inspired by this blog post to write my own list of inspirations…(Read the original post too!)

Things that inspire me and stir my affections for Christ:

1. Peaceful moments away from modern electronics
2. Matt Chandler Sermons
3. The laughter of small children
4. Alaska
5. Reading Jesus’ words
6. Well-written, soul-searching music
7. Watching John Piper preach
8. Giving of myself, my time, my possessions and my abilities

Things that rob me of my zeal and pursuit of Christ:

1. Watching too much sports!
2. Staying up late for no reason
3. Chasing girls
4. Reading about God’s word, instead of reading God’s word
5. Empty conversations (talking for hours about nothing)
6. Allowing myself to be selfish and self-centered

OK guys and gals, what do your lists look like?




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14 responses to “Inspirations….

  1. Sam

    Things that inspire me and stir my affections for Christ:

    1. Thinking deeply about God’s sovereignty
    2. Giving away hard-earned money to those who really need it
    3. Seeing people REALLY love their neighbor as themselves
    4. Making my head hurt by thinking about the never-ending universe God created
    5. Reading, studying, and meditating on God’s Word
    6. Talking to the lost about anything related to Christ
    7. Wednesday night prayer with everyone that comes
    8. When truth is revealed through scripture
    9. The song, “To Know Your Name” by Hillsong

    Things that rob me of my zeal and pursuit of Christ:

    1. Watching sports, thinking about sports, and letting SPORTS dictate the way I feel.
    2. Sleep
    3. Pride, selfishness, laziness, impatience, and a lack of love
    4. Gossip
    5. Meaningless hours of TV watching throughout the week
    6. R-Rated movies

  2. nick

    1. Reading the Bible.
    2. Having the Bible read me.
    3. Hearing of how God is working in and through people.
    4. Soaking in the beautiful weather while sitting on the porch of the MU (where I am at right now).
    5. People making life decisions to follow Christ.
    6. My nieces and nephews.
    7. Hanging out with friends and having the gospel be the main topic of discussion.
    8. Romans 8

    1. gossip
    2. facebook
    3. Making Sportscenter a daily priority over reading the Word.
    4. Waking up in the morning worrying about the day.
    5. Relying on my own ability and strength.
    6. Critiquing and criticizing sermon delivery instead of listing to the actual message.
    7. Not seeing the full importance of prayer.

  3. Mary Ellen :)

    OK guys here is my list!

    Things that aspire me and stir my affections for Christ:

    1. Geting into his word and being open enough to find somehting new and applicable to me.
    2. Getting into deep discussion with other fellow believers about issues/topics that have been coming up in every day life
    3. Reading books about who Christ is and learning that the box i keep putting him in I need to take him out of
    4. Waking up in the morning and not trying to figure anything up but just opening up my bible and reading
    5. Sitting in my room at night at the end of the day and talking to him like one of the girls! (haha yeah i said girls.. get over it)
    6. going on a mission trip.. not being able to shower.. or sleep and just when I think I can’t go on anymore I see a child that doesnt speak my language come up and hold my hand or give me a huge hug and just know that what I am doing there is so much bigger then me.
    7. Romans12:2
    8. Meaningful conversations that allow people to see who Christ truly is

    Things that rob me of my pursuit and zeal of Christ:

    1. Letting “business” be an excuse for not getting into the word
    2. Allowing my being involved in church to replace my constant relationship with Christ
    3. Putting myself first and not others
    4. Holding on to hurt that is not mine to carry
    5. Staying up late to socialize. thinking i will miss out on something

  4. Jesse Stafford

    Things that Inspire me and stir my affections for Christ:

    1. Quiet time away from distractions
    2. The stars on a clear night (especially outside the city where you can really see them all)
    3. Learning something new and interesting about creation or life
    4. A challenging sermon
    5. Wind

    Things that rob me of my zeal and pursuit of Christ:

    1. Gossip
    2. Worrying about the trivial things that don’t matter and God’s said He’ll take care of
    3. Getting caught up in the latest and greatest technology
    4. Not controlling my emotions and reactions towards others
    5. Not taking the time to meet with and talk to God
    6. Being led by the world instead of leading it

  5. Carley

    Ok here it goes.

    Things that draw me closer to God:

    1. Alone time talking to God.
    2. Listening to God-glorifying music anywhere.
    3. Helping others.
    4. the B-I-B-L-E
    5. Listening to Mars Hill podcasts.
    6. Hearing a good sermon.
    7. Being broke.
    8. Talking about Jesus!

    Things that pull me away from Christ:

    1. The devil.
    2. Electronics.
    3. Chores, cleaning, errands.
    4. Being a social butterfly.
    5. Running my mouth.
    6. MTV.
    7. Modern magazines.
    8. ME.

  6. colleen

    Things that inspire me and stir my affections for Christ:

    Reading a passage that i’ve heard so many times and finally getting it/ or something new.
    Christ working in people who are searching and asking questions.
    The conversations with friends that go beyond daily life and are Christ centered.
    Times of heartfelt worship.
    Matt Chandler sermons, sorry i took from kyle but it’s true.
    Babies, but only the good ones not the criers
    Andy Vernon

    Things that rob me of my zeal and pursuit of Christ:

    Walking in with a bad attitude

  7. Rhema

    Things that inspire me and stir my affections for Christ:

    1. Deep prayer, continuous prayer
    2. Reading God’s word
    3. Quite times
    4. Serving
    5. Reading/praying with my husband
    6. Children
    7. Family
    8. Fellowship with other Christians

    Things that rob me of my zeal and pursuit of Christ:

    1. Taking naps/sleeping
    2. The enemy’s lies
    3. Selfishness/laziness
    4. Technology
    5. Televisions shows/movies that do not glorify God
    6. Taking on burdens that are not mine

  8. Steve

    The things get me amped up for Christ

    1. Reading a story in the Bible about God’s abounding love and his long-suffering nature for people like me. Also, reading about God’s redemption and how God prefers to use the least among men for his purpose.
    2. Being a part of a body of believers that “get it” and worship God LOUDLY, not with timidity, but with boldness. You know, kind of like they actually are proud of what and who they believe and are excited to share it with others.
    3. Hillsong and David Crowder Band and on rare occasion Chris Tomlin
    4. Beauty and Majesty displayed in creation. A night sky at my cabin, a raging waterfall, illustrious lightning bolts that fill the sky and the roaring thunderclaps that accompany them, and clear bodies of water that look so refreshing that you swear you could drink every last drop.
    5. Giving to those dirty homeless people on the side of the road, holding up their signs…. some admitting poor decision-making and wanting a new start, others being completely honest and just saying they want to go buy some beer.
    6. Looking into the eyes of the hurting on campus. The hopeless looks they give inspire me to offer up prayers for them and beg God to do in their lives what he has done in mine.

    The things that rob me of my passion for Christ:

    1. Trying to control my life instead of allowing God to lead.
    2. Trying to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders instead of allowing God to handle the things outside of my control instead of trying to do things I’m not capable of.
    3. Driving in a hurry, even when I’m not in a rush. I get meeeeeeeaaaannnn.
    4. Getting so wrapped up in my school work that I forget the reason I’m laboring in the first place.
    5. Playing video games longer than I should and without involving more people than just myself.
    6. Wasting time on the internet (when I have it), reading up on Notre Dame football or just checking out myspace and facebook.

  9. Tay Tay

    Things that stir my affections for Christ (in no particular order)

    1) Dwelling on sovereign grace
    2) Singing to Him
    3) Nature
    4) Loving my Wife
    5) Learning/ Studying God With God
    6) Listening to Joel Olsten hahaha jk on that one

    Things that rob my affections of Christ:

    1) My sins and flesh
    2) Learning/ studying God w/out God
    3) TV or Music void of Christ
    4) Falling into Religion
    5) Staying up late for no reason

  10. nick


    Following Notre Dame Football will ALWAYS rob you of your zeal for God and for life.

  11. Amanda

    Things that inspire me and stir my affections for Christ :

    1. Reading, learning, and absorbing the gospel
    2. seeing and feeling the love of others
    3. thinking about how much He cares for His people
    4. appreciating the beauty He created
    5. learning something new everyday
    6. music
    7. forming relationships with Christ as the center

    Things that rob me of my affections for Christ:
    1. TV shows
    2. mindless conversation
    3. keeping myself busy for the sake of being busy
    4. believing the lies of this world
    5. fear in any aspect of my life
    6. putting myself in the center of my life and not Christ

  12. erica behind on this but here are my lists…

    Things that stir my affections for Christ

    1. God’s Word and fully understanding it
    2. Matt Chandler sermons
    3. CrazyLove by francis chan
    4. my relationship with my fiance
    5. My family
    6. being intentional about life
    7. Christ centered relationships/conversations
    8. serving

    Things that rob me of my affections for Christ
    1. Only giving God parts of my life
    2. trying to stay too busy
    3. facebook
    4. meaningless tv shows
    5. pointless conversations/gossip
    6.being religious

  13. Andy

    Things that stir my affection for Christ:

    1. Learning more about God’s word.
    2. Listening to the Passion CD no matter how sick of it Nick is.
    3. Writing posts on the VI Ministry Blog as a requirement for the Leadership Training.
    4. Talking about God with friends.
    5. Talking about God with people who don’t know God.
    6. Reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan (even though I don’t have the book yet).
    7. Listening to sermons that are centered around the gospel and not religion.
    8. Serving God through various activities.
    9. Erica and her passion for the Lord

    Things that rob me of my affections for Christ:

    1. Gossip and the fact that I participate/tolerate it.
    2. Trying to be “religious.”
    3. Feeling as if I don’t have enough knowledge.
    4. Getting caught up in shows like “The Hills” and “Gossip Girls.” JK. Kind of.
    5. Conversations that have nothing to do with Jesus.
    6. Listening to music that isn’t Christian music.
    7. Not being in the Word everyday.
    8. Getting caught up and worrying about life instead of relying on Christ.
    9. And the last reason…drum roll…wild applause…AHEM, Colleen saying inappropriate things like saying that Andy Vernon is someone who inspires and stirs her affection for Christ.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Nick, is this post good enough to make the blog? If not, the extra credit I will be receiving on my paper will more than make up for missing this assignment. 🙂

  14. viministry


    I will not respond.

    “Answer not a fool according to his folly,
    lest you be like him yourself.”
    Proverbs 26:4


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