New Urbanism…

The Arizona Republic released an article on the urbanization of Tempe. Some are calling Tempe “the new American city.” It is pretty sweet.

Read the article here



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3 responses to “New Urbanism…

  1. Sam

    The potential growth of Tempe is scary! The Light Rail, ASU, Condos, and big businesses are all pointing to a boom in Tempe’s economy. The fact that president Crow is advocating the same thing for ASU only helps Tempe in it’s quest for greatness. It’s pretty exciting to think that in 5 to 10 years, Tempe could be one of the World’s greatest cities to live in!

  2. colleen

    Hold on i’m pretty sure Tempe has always been great it’s just taken this long for everyone else to catch on!

  3. Tay Tay

    Walking to my car in lot 59, I saw the light rail drive by for the first time!!!!!! I can’t lie… I almost worshiped it lol

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