Not Your Parent’s Church

XXX Church…. A Christian ministry geared towards being on mission to the porn industry as well as those who are addicted.

The ministry has been getting a tone of national attention. One controversial outreach they do is go to porn conventions around the U.S. and pass out Bibles with covers that read “Jesus Loves Porn Stars.” The men of the ministry also bring their wives to the porn shows with them.

In ’09, XXX Church will actually plant in Las Vegas.



To check out more of what they do go to

In what ways can we learn from how they are on mission?




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3 responses to “Not Your Parent’s Church

  1. Sam

    This ministry is crazy isn’t it? People must think these guys are crazy for doing this but I think it’s pretty awesome. How else can we get to these people if we don’t go out and find them? How can we do anything about huge issues like porn if we aren’t willing to take risks and step way out of our comfort zone. Obviously not everyone is called to do what this ministry does. In fact, I would say that it’s a select few. But that shouldn’t stop us from targeting other issues in our world. Homelessness, drunkenness, depression, drug abuse…it’s all around us. Find out where you’ve been called, go get your hands dirty and make a difference!

  2. Julie

    heard about them awhile ago. I think it’s AMAZING that they’re reaching out to those people. I personally think, that if Jesus were living in the society we live in today, he would be doing that exact same thing. Think of it, back in Bible times, he wasn’t always hanging out with the religious people, most of his time and ministry was spent in other places such as what XXX Church is doing. This ministry is a prime example of what being a Missional Community is all about. I think the church as a whole is beginning to do a better job at accepting those who have a “Mary Magdalene” past, but not so great a job at reaching out to those people where they are in the condition they’re in. I admit I’m at fault too. But I think people and America as a whole, would change their mindset on how they view “Christians” to be as a more loving people in the condition they are, not accepting their sin, but loving them in and through their state is a wonderful way of showing and actually living out an acurate portrayal of Jesus. It reminds me of the prodigal son’s father, how he was accepting of him when he came back.

    So, this XXX Church ministry is a prime example of what we can be doing as Christians. Some ideas: going into bars (for those who understand that atmosphere) and listen, encourage, and even pray with those who are there, homeless shelter help, iHelp, maybe even with a group of people going down Van Buren, crisis pregnancy centers (ladies in the church who’ve had an abortion before or can relate somewhat to losing a child or making the choice to keep a child or not), etc.

    I really like how close Grace is in approximation to ASU and other main places such as Mill Ave. There is such potential in how God can use each individual at Grace. And, it all begins with one bold person willing to step up to the plate and do what we’re all called to be doing as Believers. It is my prayer, that everyone including me will put aside the worries and concerns of witnessing, and step out and be what we’re destined to be in HIM.

  3. John

    I haven’t read up on the church yet, but my first thought upon hearing the concept is that this is a valuable ministry.

    The porn industry isn’t impervious to the Gospel. There’s a recent conversion actually that was pretty high-profile, in which former-pornstar Crissy Moran became a believer. I think stories like that can be powerful, and there is such a great opportunity for witness with a conversion like that.

    No one is immune to the gospel.

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