Sunday’s Best

There are many elements of a Sunday morning church service. The band, the lights, the message, communion, fellowship, offering, baptism, prayer, church news and announcements, and so on. I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes a Sunday service appealing to God, the church members, and new comers. 


What are some aspects and areas of  Sunday services that help you connect with God, fellow church members, and new comers and non-believers?





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7 responses to “Sunday’s Best

  1. tempecitychurch

    Fog machines.

    No, seriously, I know this is going to sound cliche, but hear me out: The Gospel.

    What helps me connect with God? Hearing the gospel preached.

    What helps me connect with my brothers and sisters? Being reminded that we are brothers and sisters because our Father has adopted all into his family.

    What helps me connect with non-believers? Hearing the true story of God’s redemption proclaimed and having that as a baseline narrative to connect people with.

    Great thoughts on this blog. I am stoked to see you guys are continuing the storied tradition of thoughtfully genius blogging by VI ministry leaders.

  2. Zach

    We need to be real. God wants us to come as we are, not put on a fake front to try to be or look like the “happy Christian”. I can’t stand it when you ask someone at church how they are doing because you always get the same answer, “I’m doing great”. Share your hardships and struggles with your friends, obviously not to a stranger because that would be awkward. If we can’t be real with eachother we will never be able to connect and form any sort of real relationship.
    We need to be more hospitable, especially the men. We can’t just leave it up to the women and claim that its not in our manly nature to be hospitable. Be friendly, shake a strangers hand and make him/her feel welcome. Why would anyone come back to a church where they felt unwelcomed and unloved?
    The term “Sunday best” also really bothers me. I don’t remember reading the scripture where Jesus told us that we need to dress up in order to worship him. If you feel like dressing up and feel closer to God that way then good for you. But if not then dress in whatever feels comfortable and don’t let anyone make you feel bad or guilty for not wearing a three piece suit. God cares about where your heart is when it comes to praise and worship, not what you look like.

  3. viministry

    We all knew that TCC would be a bunch of fog machines and lasers…..kidding.

    In very practical ways, what helps me connect with God is the preaching of the gospel. What helps me connect with my brothers and sisters is when we will take time to pray together, and take communion together. What helps me connect to non-members are me getting out of my comfort zone to talk to new people, instead of just sitting behind the VI table and hoping they come up to me.


  4. Rhema

    I feel most connected when I am worshipping with fellow Christians or alone, and hearing God’s Word. Worship is a huge deal to me. I also feel very connected to the Lord when I am able to operate in my spiritual gifts that the Lord has given me. Lastly, being able to to serve where the Lord has called me.

    When I pray with other Christians and are able to get on a personal level with them helps me to be connected. Also, being able to take communion with them. It is amazing then breaking bread with a brother or sister in Christ.

    Being able to share the gospel, and allow Christ to shine through me (the salt) to non-believers is way to help me connect with them in a loving manner. Also, praying for these people because prayer is powerful.

    These are just a few ways that I get connected with God and others!! I could write forever on this. 🙂

  5. Steve

    To be honest, I fall victim to the “big church syndrome” (I go to Central Christian on Lindsay and Brown). I connect with God through the music and communion. The only connection I get with fellow Christians is when my pastor or someone else shares their testimony and tells everyone how God has changed their life (usually happens during baptisms also). But that’s about the extent of what I get. In a church the size of mine, I guess it’s easy to make excuses for not being hospitable because we all do the “greeting” time for about a minute at the beginning of service when everyone just turns around, puts on a smile, and says hi or the occasional how you doing? But like Zach said, it’s all fake. Sure, some people might be happy to see others in church. That might really get them going. But I honestly don’t care for that time of service every week and have taken a trip to the drinking fountain just so I could avoid it. It’s not because I don’t like greeting people but I just think it’s way too superficial and if I was new, it wouldn’t really make me want to come back. I mean- it’s better than nothing- but I like to engage with people on a more intimate and personal setting than that.

  6. Taylor

    What are some aspects and areas of Sunday services that help you connect with God, fellow church members, and new comers and non-believers?

    For me, what helps me connect with God the most is the Scriptures being read non-apologetically. For me the earliest sermon I remember after being called was Chris Gonzalez preaching Colossians 1:15-23. He basically preached, one: Jesus is God! He’s amazing, awesome, holy, righteous, Big, Huge! And two: You suck! You were once alienated, hostile, separated, but he has reconciled you in his body of flesh…hahaha I love it!!!!

    I would say this way of teaching is beneficial to both christian and non-christian alike.

  7. John

    The thing that most helps me “connect” with God on Sundays is worshiping him through psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. That includes music and prayer mostly. I love worshiping God through song, and I love pouring myself out to him in prayer and having others do the same. I am of the view that you shouldn’t be able to keep yourself from emotions during the actions of praying and singing (and many other things, as well), and so much of connecting with others is being able to experience what they are experiencing.

    Basically, I love it when I can pour out my heart with others.

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