Helpful Questions To Ask While Studying The Bible

What did the author want the original readers to understand by this statement?

What application did the original author want the readers to make to their lives?

What does this text tell us about God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit? 

What is the theme of the section this passage is in?

Why do I need to hear this?

How do I resist what this passage presents?

How does this apply to the mission God is calling me to?


I would recommend picking up the new ESV Study Bible. It is a great tool for studying Scripture.


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One response to “Helpful Questions To Ask While Studying The Bible

  1. John

    *cough* NASB *cough*

    Great questions that are necessary for understanding the Bible on a deeper level… no matter which version you choose. 🙂

    Personally, I read the Bible with this thought in mind:

    The entire Bible points to the fact that God is all we need.

    As I was saying in Living Room last week. Even Exodus 16:36 is trying to tell me that God is all I need. Check out that verse if you’re not familiar with it (I highly doubt you are, as it’s very obscure), and try to answer these questions above and also my statement above. Exodus 16:36. Check it out.

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