Information Overload

Today we have access to an overload of Biblical resources. One can obtain almost any theological book out there and listen to a vast variety of preachers through podcasting or watch them through vodcasting. I’ve found it to be very easy to spend large amounts of time each week reading books on God and listening to sermons on God, but neglecting to read first hand the actual Word of God.

A friend of mine challenged me on this issue a while ago. He asked what I would be first to do: spend time in the Word and prayer over a passage, or listen to a podcast on the same passage. 

Podcasts and theological books are great tools towards understanding and proclaiming the Gospel. However, a podcast or book is not the inerrant Word of God. Be cautious that they don’t replace the reading, studying, and wrestling with the text of the Bible itself. 

By no means am I saying to stop listening to Piper, Chandler, Driscoll, Chan, and the rest of the boys, but rather am encouraging you to put down the book you are reading, turn off iTunes, and devote your time to solely the Scriptures this week. 




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