Yesterday at The Venue we heard a great message on the power of prayer. Let us take the opportunity this week to be in intentional, strategic prayer to each other, and ASU.

Post your prayer requests below.

Also, just a reminder that a group of VIers meet Wednesday nights on Hayden Lawn (ASU) at 9:30 PM to pray for our campus.




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3 responses to “Prayer

  1. viministry

    Ok, I’ll start us off….

    Pray for Grace and VI as we continue to grow in the Gospel, community, and mission.

  2. Matt

    straight from Colossians 1:9

    that we not just “know” the gospel and God’s will but that we “understand” God’s will and apply it.

  3. Stephan

    That more people would come and pray on Wed nights. I know there are tons of people who aren’t doing anything else, or at least nothing more important than what we’re doing. Thanks to all of you who do…

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