Becoming a Fan

On Facebook there is an application that can allow you to become a fan of a person or group. Usually athletes, actors, politicians, and music groups have fan pages. A while ago I realized that there were fan pages for pastors. It struck me oddly and still does. Being able to listen to gifted preachers from other parts of the country (and world) is a great tool that we have access to. However, my fear is that we have possibly taken a good thing and made it an ultimate thing. Well, in this case, have taken good preachers are and making them ultimate preachers.

I have been personally convicted of this. If I’m not careful podcasts, vodcasts, blogs, and books can take the place of Scripture, prayer, community, and mission.

Here are a few question I ask myself  after watching or listening to a sermon from a pastor that I can very easily become a fan of:

Does this lead me to following Christ or following the preacher?

Does this motivate me to be on mission or to listen to more sermons?

Am I allowing this message to have application in my life?

Am I moved by the content or the way it was presented (delivery, emotion, humor, etc)?

Do I/will I remember this in a few days?

Is my desire to read scripture, or hear this preacher(s)?

Am I more likely to quote and reference Scripture or a sermon?




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5 responses to “Becoming a Fan

  1. Those are all good questions. 🙂

  2. matt

    Understand that many preachers have their own fan page because facebook limits the amount of “friends” one can have on a personal profile. However, there is no limit on how many “fans” one can can have. Mark Driscoll explains this as the reason he created his own “fan page.” With a fan page, he is able to communicate to more people who respect and trust him.

  3. viministry

    Right. And using technology and social networking like Facebook is a great way to advance the Gospel message accross the world.

    Discoll, along with many other have done a great job of preaching to as many people as possible through the internet. It is a great way of engaging the culture with the Gospel.

  4. tempecitychurch


    Is this why you turned down my “Fan Request”?


  5. viministry

    Yes, but I’ll always be your fan.

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