Becoming a Fan Part 2

The other day I met up with a college pastor in Tempe. One of the many topics we discussed was what, or who, has had a major influence outside of our ministries.

So the question I will ask you, VI, is…

Who has had the most influence in your life?



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6 responses to “Becoming a Fan Part 2

  1. Tom Tom

    Why is Chris Gonzalez not on this list?

  2. Andy Vernon

    Well well well Nick. You are starting to get clever.

    The correct answer is…trick question. You see everyone, Nick asked, “who has had the most influence on your life?” Then, he gave a list of choices. He did not however, include any of these on his list: Jesus, Scripture, prayer, or the Holy Spirit. He did however include “other” as an option. Which for this question, would be my answer.

    So, I will re-phrase the question, not include the “other” choice, and then cast my vote.

    “Of the choices below, who has had the most influence on your life?”

    John Piper, Matt Chandler, Marc Driscoll, Francis Chan, Tim Keller, Rob Bell, Joel Olstean, Oprah.

    My vote, out of these options, at this time, is obviously Oprah. She is awesome and her views about life, God, and the world are right on.

    Obviously, I am lying.

    My actual answer would be Francis Chan. This is largely because of his book “Crazy Love” and some of his sermons I have listened to. HOWEVER, most of what we have been taught in VI over the years has stemmed from the teachings of Tim Keller. So, in light of that, Tim Keller probably has the biggest influence, we just don’t realize it. Matt Chandler would also be up on this list. If Colleen would give me back her iPod, I would continue listening to his sermons. In my opinion, he is a good mix of Tim Keller and Francis Chan. He preaches the gospel extremely well, and is also convicting in his messages.

    Thank you everyone.

    In His Grace,

    Andy Vernon

  3. viministry

    Ha. Andy always thinks I’m trying to set him up.

  4. Colleen

    well nick maybe because it feels like you always are trying to set us up

    i give andy an A

  5. Jesse

    I think he gets some extra credit too. ;p

  6. John

    I voted other, because if I had to pick one famous spiritual leader that has impacted me in any way, it would be CS Lewis.

    I don’t enjoy listening to sermons, so a lot of these pastors don’t get any of my attention.

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