Living Room?

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Marks of simply being in a Living Room:

  • Your name is on a list.
  • You attend a weekly meeting, putting your 2 hours in.
  • You think “they” should do things differently.
  • The people in the LR are your “Church/Christian Friends”.

Marks of being a Living Room:

  • You are intentionally reorienting your life around your community and mission.
  • You find yourself processing life through the lens of “we” not “I”.
  • You think “we” must do ____ differently in light of the gospel event.
  • The people in the LR are your Family.

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One response to “Living Room?

  1. christophergonzalez

    We found this to be a really helpful tool. We find that a lot of people think that if they attend a small group and not just the Sunday deal, they are now somehow really missional. But really all they have done is changed the form: a Sunday Morning Show for a smaller Wednesday Night Show

    People of VI, appreciate the fact that your leaders are not just wanting to get more numbers in their Living Rooms. Rather, they are longing to see you live out the mission of God in community together.

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