Mark Driscoll on Nightline



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2 responses to “Mark Driscoll on Nightline

  1. Steve

    A breath of fresh air.

  2. johnholman

    I know a lot of you already know how I feel about Jesus getting “angry,” but here’s something else to extinguish that myth that Jesus was “angry.” This is the definition of the Greek word that is translated as zeal to describe how Jesus was feeling during the clearing of the temple:

    1) excitement of mind, ardour, fervour of spirit 1a) zeal, ardour in embracing, pursuing, defending anything 1a1) zeal in behalf of, for a person or thing 1a2) the fierceness of indignation, punitive zeal 1b) an envious and contentious rivalry, jealousy

    There is no “anger” in any of that.

    On the topic of the video, I thought that they tried a little too hard at times to make Driscoll look like a maniac, but overall, they didn’t mock him all that bad. Driscoll is a cool dude.

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