CJ Mahaney on Michael Phelps

I assume by now that most of you have heard about Michael Phelps and his run-in with a bong. I am also sure everyone out there probably has developed an opinion on the issue….

Well, here is CJ Mahaney and his beautifully worded gospel-centered take on The Great American Hero and his soul….




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2 responses to “CJ Mahaney on Michael Phelps

  1. scopefactor

    Great post Kyle, great thoughts when anyone who is in a place of influence or authority makes a mistake and commits sin

  2. John

    In no way do I commend Phelps for his actions or condone them……. but I don’t think his offense is as serious as a lot of people are making it out to be.

    That said, it does give a revelation as to what is important in life. This is a great point by Mahaney. The soul will always thirst and long for something more until it is fully satisfied in Christ. Jesus said that he is the living water, and anyone who comes to him will never thirst again. It actually gives me joy to realize that Tom Brady and Michael Phelps can’t be happy without God. It means that we’re all on a level playing field.

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