Driscoll on CNN talking about sex




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5 responses to “Driscoll on CNN talking about sex

  1. Matt

    I think this reiterates that those with religious or secular viewpoints see things so much differently than those with viewpoints coming from the gospel.

    Hughley obviously has the belief that Christianity/ The Church is all about lists and restrictions. It’s what the discussion is basically all about. Hughley is trying to find out what Driscoll thinks is wrong or ok to do… I think someone coming from the religious/secular crowd or someone not familiar with who Driscoll is and what he believes would come away from this video thinking that Driscoll’s church has a smaller list or a more lenient viewpoint of sin, which is not the case at all.

    I liked that Driscoll eventually brought up the “real issue”- Jesus. But, I dont think the Gospel was able to be presented. I know that Driscoll understands what the Gospel is about, but he said that Loving Jesus is really what matters. I dont think that is the whole truth. How and Why do we love Jesus? Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and being punished in our place wasn’t presented in this video, perhaps because once Driscoll began talking about Jesus, Dughley decided to end the conversation.

    That’s my thought

  2. Paul

    I’m with Matt as far as they way the secular world views “religion.” Watching this video gives me a passion to go out and tell people about the Gospel! It seems that a lot of non-believers view us (believers) and the church as being “religious” and the apart of the same-old “religion” that they are used to. We need to show them the Gospel and that the “body of Christ” does not pertain to being religious.

  3. johnholman

    I don’t really know that Driscoll found the best answer to Hughley’s last question. The rest of the questions seemed very staged, and Driscoll had a very quick and witty answer for all of them. The last question, Driscoll seemed caught off guard and he didn’t really have a quick reply.

    Maybe he could have benefited by reading The Tangible Kingdom before this interview. 🙂

    Really, though, I love this interview. Driscoll is awesome.

  4. johnholman

    Oooooohhhhhh, we have emoticons on the blog. Sick.

    😀 😛

  5. Steve

    I saw the effects of religion on a soul. I thought it was pretty obvious that Hughley was nervous asking questions and visibly uncomfortable. DL was shocked that Driscoll was answering the way he was because it was so against everything everyone prior to Mark had told him. Unfortunately, I don’t think the blame falls on Driscoll for not having an on the spot answer. I think it was an honest question that DL asked because he was so awed by Mark. While he is a pastor, and he should be prepared for such questions, I think the blame falls on the church for making what it has of Christianity.

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