11 Ways To Be Missional

This week, we have been studying Colossians 4:2-6 and talking about what this looks like in our daily lives. In the verse 5, Paul instructs us to “make the best use of our time”. In today’s culture, this is called being missional. A very simple definition for “being missional” would be – using your time, energy and resources that you use for daily, routine tasks to intentionally glorify God and further his Kingdom.

Mission Motel by SnapshotsUnmadespaceball

Still, at the end of the day, knowing definitions doesn’t accomplish anything(something I often struggle with)….we actually have to be out there doing.

Last night, my living room discussed practical ways in which we could become more missional. Here is what we came up with….

11 Ways To Be Missional

  1. Study in public – Instead of studying for that test, or working on that homework or doing your devotionals in your room. Why not go to Starbucks, Xtreme Bean, or Tempe Town Lake and do it there? By doing this you can get to know the people who frequent those places(customers, employees, random people walking their dog, etc). It is also a good idea to go to the same places repeatedly.
  2. Pay for the person in line behind you(or ahead of you) –Now I know that alot of us are on pretty strict financial budgets and that one drink at Starbucks can cost more then a whole meal at Taco Bell. But what better way to get to know a stranger then to offer to pay for them?  Paying for the person behind you may be less awkward, but the person in front of you is safer(for your wallet…you already know what they ordered!).
  3. Take advantage of Office Hours – Every semester we get a syllabus that has our professors office hours listed. But we rarely, if ever, use them. What if we were to take the time the teacher has put aside to spend with us 1-on-1 and get to know them on a personal level?
  4. Carpool –Yes, it may be a bit less convenient, but we can spend that extra hour, at least (15 min drive to ASU, 45 min walk from lot 59), getting to know someone’s story better.
  5. Pay for gas at the counter – It is so much easier to just “pay at the pump”, but what if we were to use the same gas station as much as possible and go inside to pay (and meet the clerk)?
  6. Eat at the same restaurants –When I am going good, I am eating Chipotle like three times per week. The only problem is, one time I go to the Chandler store, the next time I visit Tempe Marketplace and then Mill Ave the next time. At this rate, I am never able to get to know any of the employees or other Chipotle lovers.
  7. Spend your breaks with fellow employees – I know that when we get breaks at work, sometimes the last thing we want to do is be around other “work people”. But breaks are an awesome time to get to to know your fellow employees on a totally different level.
  8. Use the same clerk at the grocery store – Go to the same grocery store, at the same times, and stand in the same lines.
  9. When you ask “how are doing?”…mean it! – People can tell when your insincere and in order to make a difference, we really need to care about people and how they are doing.
  10. Run Errands with your friends – going to the mall to pick up a shirt? headed to Best Buy for a CD? picking up dry cleaning? etc…..do it with a friend!
  11. Develop study groups in your classes – not only will you make better grades, but you will get to know your classmates!

Can you guys think of anymore?




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2 responses to “11 Ways To Be Missional

  1. christophergonzalez

    I love it. Timmis and Chester use the phrase, “Everyday life with Gospel intentionality.” This sounds like that.

  2. Steve

    Indeed I can. I wrote about it on an earlier blog. Find a seat in class and sit in it every time. People are creatures of habit and more than likely you’ll be sitting next to the same people every time. Then, get to know them and if the two of you don’t hit it off right away, invite them to play poker or any of the other things we do with everyone else. There will probably be someone that can relate to them.

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