The Team (Colossians 4:7-18)

One thing that is overlooked in the study of Paul’s ministry is the team that built around him. The mission Paul was on could not have been completed by just him. There needed to be a team of equipped and called men and woman to carry out the mission.

In this passage we see several Christian’s named in regard to the mission of the early church. We need to understand that we were called for a purpose. Romans 8:30 says that God predestined us and as a result as called us. Colossians 3:1-4 states that we have been risen in Christ, therefor the purpose of our lives are now Christ.

Here is a list of Christians on Paul’s ministry team mentioned in the passage:

  • Tychicus –carried the letter to the Colossians. Also reported Paul’s activities to them.
  • Onesimus – was a converted slave.
  • Aristachus
  • Mark
  • Justus
  • Epaphras –was in prayer constantly for the Colossians
  • Luke – wrote the Gospel of Luke
  • Demas
  • The brothers in Laodicea
  • Nympha –ran a church out of her house
  • Archippus

It is important to see that in VI and in your Living Rooms, we are called to work together as a team as we carry out God’s mission for us (Romans 12: 3-8).

Think about how God used ordinary people to help change the world.

  • Are you allowing God to use you for his purpose?
  • Are you an active member of your community, or do you just let the leaders do everything?

Love God for giving you unique gifts and pray that he would show you how to use them in and through your community.

Live on mission with your community knowing that Jesus is the Head of the body.

Men – Understand that it is time to man up and lead the war. The Spring semester is usually spiritually low. The men of VI need to stand up and fight the good fight as good soldiers if we want to make any impact.




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5 responses to “The Team (Colossians 4:7-18)

  1. Steve

    I would just like to say that I am so thankful for all of you who are surrounding me. You’ve been used by God to mold me into a better man. But I still think we can all get better.

    If I may, I would like to encourage you all to devote yourselves to reading the word and praying daily and to have a sense of passion and desire while doing it. If at first it doesn’t come, keep at it because it will. And this includes me. I’ve been weak in this area lately and it really does make a difference.

    Also, please try to find your spiritual gifts and talents. If you can’t find them yourself, ask someone else what they are and see if they can help you discover them. Please also remember to encourage each other and build each other up.

    The only way we’re gonna hit the sweet spot is if everyone gets serious about this. We need everyone to find their niche because we all have different gifts and a car can’t run on just an engine. It needs tires, axles, a driveshaft, a steering wheel, etc.

  2. Andy

    The thing that jumped out to me most in this passage is where Paul says, “and they have been a comfort to me.” This is Paul we’re talking about, who wrote almost all of the New Testament, and he is talking about his “team” of people who are a comfort to him.

    Even if you look at Jesus and the life He lived, you see that He always had people around Him. Not just crowds, but his 12 disciples who He was training up and pouring into.

    The questions I have are:

    Who do you have on your team that is a comfort to you spiritually?

    Who do you have in your life that you are pouring into spiritually?

    Who do you have in your life that is pouring into you spiritually?

    If Paul and Jesus had fellow believers around them to be a comfort, to teach, and to be taught from…why do we think we don’t need anyone around us and we can just go through Christianity on our own? Even if we have Christians around us, if we aren’t being intentional with conversations and growing spiritually, it won’t happen.

  3. Zach

    At first glance I didn’t really get anything from this passage but after a few more readings and a little study I discovered that this passage is packed. Paul is listing and talking about all the men that are traveling with him and involved in his ministry. I wont go in to all the specifics of each guy but Paul writes that they are a comfort to him. Remember, at this time Paul is a prisoner. This pretty much means that times are freaken hard. Life is not very cushy for Paul and yet these men chose to stay with him, minister with him, and also minister to him.
    I want to echo what Steve said and thank all you guys for the friendship, community, and ministry that we have shared. My prayer and challenge is that our living rooms mirror the characteristics of the community Paul had with his friends. It is through community like this where our relationships with God are deepened, stretched, and sharpened.

  4. TJ

    i didnt get much from this passage but if you look at it from the big picture of team work or group of people it begins to make since to me

  5. Matt

    I think it is awesome that as Paul is writing the ending to this letter, he probably has no idea that thousands of years later, college aged Christians will be reading these specific words and finding encouragement to do mission together. How crazy is that?

    The passage also makes Paul and this book more real for me. Im able to picture in my mind these early Christians being on mission for Christ. It actually happened! It’s part of history. It’s awesome because they probably had no idea at the time how much of a role they had in changing this world. It’s encouraging because we can have just as much of an impact even though we may not see it right away.

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