Christian Blogging

Christian blogging and microblogging (Twitter) has exploded recently. Pastors and church leaders are able to get their thoughts and idea out there for everyone’s viewing (and criticizing) pleasure.

There is a lot of good stuff out there in the blogging world, but also a lot of rubbish.

Here are a few blogs that are worth checking out:

The Resergence

Between Two Worlds

Jeff Vanderstelt

Tim Chester

Missio Dei Communities

Transform Culture

Feel free to post any other blogs that you follow




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2 responses to “Christian Blogging

  1. kplatt

    thanks for the shout out.

  2. christophergonzalez

    First, the best way to keep up with blogs without having to spend a lot of time is an RSS feed. I Google Reader is good. I keep up with 50 blogs or so, but honestly spend 10 minutes a day looking at them.

    A couple others to throw on would be Alan Hirsch:

    Not exactly a pastor’s blog, but is pretty sick to have in your RSS feed. You get a filthy gospel quote every day.

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