Pointless Rivalry (Philippians 1:12-18 Part 2)

I grew up hating Phoenix Christian High School. Naturally, as an athlete from Valley Christian High School (home of the fighting Trojans baby!), I simply could not stand our rival school. I remember pranks that the students of the two school would pull on each other the week of a big game. Most of which are far too inappropriate for this blog. I remember just wanting to beat their brains out in soccer.  I can still remember each game we played against them, every goal scored between the two teams, every taunt, every slur, every yellow card, and so on.

Today I can look back on my high school years and reflect on how vain a Christian high school rivalry really is. The sad reality is that rivalry between believers does not stay in the sporting arena.

In Philippians 1:15-18 Paul is writing about fellow believers that are doing ministry, but personally opposing and criticizing him. Believers who, are suppose to be on the same team, are shooting against each other.  All too often we are convicted of the same thing. I have personally had repent of my criticism towards other ministries striving to do the same work we are.

Here are some questions I’ve been asking myself lately:

Do I criticize or pray for other college ministries?

Do I rejoice when I hear about success in other ministries, or become jealous?

Am I committed to building up God’s Kingdom, or my own kingdom?

Am I humble or arrogant when speaking about VI and other ministries?

Will VI be known for being that ministry that is equivalent to a clique of junior high gossip girls? or a ministry that loves, prays, encourages, and enables other ministries to proclaim the gospel?



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