To Live Is (Fill In The Blank) (Philippians 1:19-30)

I remember vividly my first day of high school. The main goal at that point in my life was to be one of the coolest kids in my class. Everything I did revolved around that goal. Everything was for the cause. My clothes were cool, my hair had too much gel, and I could be smelled from a mile away with all the body spray I was drenched in. I was ridiculous. The words I spoke, the way I walked, the people I hung out with, and all of my time and energy were devoted to the cause.

The reality is that everyone has a main purpose or goal in life. And every area of a person’s life will be focused and geared towards that main goal. We will serve the deepest desires of our hearts.

Take a second to think about why you are living. What is the main purpose of your life?

To live is (fill in the blank).

We see the Apostle Paul’s purpose in this passage in Philippians. He writes it in a simplistic yet power way: to live is Christ (v21a). His main goal in life is Jesus. This is the only pursuit that is eternal. Pursuing financial success will fail because it is temporary. Pursuing the American Dream will fail because it is temporary. A life lived for Christ end with Christ. A life lived for anything else will end with death. Because of this Paul says “to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (v21). The things of this world are temporary, therefore the pursuits of this world are temporary.

Paul goes on to tell the Philippians to “only let your manner of life be worthy of the gospel of Christ…striving side by side of the faith of the gospel” (v27). In other words: be a gospel-centered, missionally-focused community when you are here on earth. That is our purpose.

As we strive to live our lives for Christ, we can look to him and see that his purpose in life was to suffer the wrath for our sin and give us access to the Father. His mission on this earth was to grant us access to eternal life with him.

Think about the big pursuits in your life. Are they centered around the gospel of Christ?

Love Jesus for fulfilling his mission on earth so that we too can live a purposed filled life for him.

Live in a manner worth of the gospel of Christ. Know that this world is temporary, therefore our mission is temporary. Know that Jesus is eternal, therefore our worship of his is eternal.



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