Why should I commit to a church?



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5 responses to “Why should I commit to a church?

  1. Tim

    If I’m in a Living Room, but don’t go to “Big Church” or I go to another church on Sundays, am I cool?

  2. Jesse

    yeah you’re cool if you go to another church, VI isn’t about Grace so much specifically as it is reaching out to to community of Tempe. However if you don’t already have a church that you are committed to, then I would encourage you to strongly consider finding one, and Grace certainly is a great church that you should consider.

  3. viministry


    I would encourage you to search for a church, not just a ministry, to get involved with.

    I believe God carries his mission out through the Church and therefore through the local churches. VI is a ministry of Grace Community Church, not a church in itself. One of the missions of Grace is to reach Tempe and ASU. It does that in some ways through VI.

    I would encourage you to find a church and serve and find community in that church. Too many churches are suffering because people just attend and don’t get plugged in. Romans 12:3-8 talks about how we have different gifts and how we are to use them in our church. The reality is that by just attending a church Sundays and being involved with other church’s ministries you are in turn robbing your home church of your gifts and talents. Your church needs you.

    VI is about Grace. VI is an expression of the church’s mission to ASU.

    I would say that Biblically its not “cool” to just attend a Living Room or be in VI. I would encourage you to read Titus 2:1-8. It speaks about older men and women in the church discipling and building up the yonger generations of the church. This can only happen if you are involved with a church… not just a ministry.


    O and Tim, I loved your last book! Thanks for the post.

  4. christophergonzalez

    Good stuff Nick.

    This was always something I wrestled with people over when I was leading VI. Too many in our generation are simply consumeristic commitment-phobes.

    Way to put on your cup and come strong for the local church, bro. I know, if I had written that during my tenure at VI, I would have picked a fight with quite a few folks.


    p.s. Tim, how do you do college ministry in your context?

  5. Julie

    I love how clear and to the point he makes it. I’ve never really heard it explained that way before. Nick or Kyle (whoever posted this) THANK YOU!!!!

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