Intentionally Living the Gospel

We recently received an email from a fellow VIer about how she has been moved to live missionally. We asked permission to share her story with everyone. Hopefully it will be an encouragement to ya’ll as it was to us…

Hey guys!

I just wanted to share something real quick that was encouraging to me; I thought you might both appreciate it as well.

A while back, I was reading the VI blog and on there, someone (I can’t recall who) wrote to encourage us to read our Bibles out in the community, not just at home. I wasn’t particularly keen on the idea (I believe my exact thoughts were, “Argh! It’s so much work to be a Christian!”), but decided to give it a try. I started reading my Bible and writing in my journal at a nearby coffee shop.

Whenever I was there, I tried to make small talk with the baristas, be friendly, etc. Honestly, I didn’t think it was really doing much, but the other day I found out otherwise.

One of the baristas, a nice guy named Michael, was making my drink when he said to me, “You know, usually I really hate my job, but I always love it when you come in. You actually talk to me and are nice. It always makes my day.”

I thought this was pretty awesome for two reasons. (1) Being out in the community while doing my study allowed me to be a source of encouragement to someone and (2) I had been praying since January that I would be a source of encouragement to those around me. This incident reminded me that not only can I be an encouraging voice to my friends, I can potentially impact people I don’t even know 🙂

Since then, I’ve been trying to talk to Michael more, and am praying for boldness in sharing my faith.


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