Hard Questions

As our ministry grows and as we start to plan for the future there are many questions that I’ve been wrestling with. I pray that God would guide us and we’d submit to His mission for Tempe.

Here’s what I’ve been wrestling with:question-mark

Are we committed to growing big, or committed to multiplying and saturating the area?(Matt 28:19-20)

Are we striving to be a “city on a hill” to ASU? (Matt 5:14)

Are we positioning ourselves to be in Tempe and on campus? (Jer 29:4-6)

Do we have a heart for Tempe and ASU? (Jer 29:7)

Are we radically changed by the gospel in a way that creates a gospel-centered counter-culture?(Acts 2:42-47)

Is the mission to have community, or are we communities on mission? (Acts 2:42-47)

Do we believe that God has a mission specific mission for us? (John 21:22, Acts 17:26-27)



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