No, Mr. President

If you follow me on Twitter (@kylesmith6) or were paying attention to my facebook status’ this past week, you would know that I had the priveldge to attend the ASU graduation commencment at which our President, Barack Obama, was the speaker.

If you did follow me, you would also have noticed that I really enjoyed myself. It is not very often that you get to see the President of the Free World and the 1st African-American President speak, let alone at your alma mater! It was really a neat experience and I thought President Obama’s speech was one of the best I have ever heard.  Standing there in Sun Devil Stadium, I, once again, felt very proud to be an American.

Now, I do not believe it is fair to judge someone’s Presidency before they have even served half a year. Thus far, I think President Obama has done a great job trying to rebuild the image and respect of our country on the world stage. I love his commitment to education, community service and the environment. We all have our opinion on what should or shouldn’t be done with the economy, but it is far to early to tell how his decisions will turn out. I am a bit worried about whom President Obama will appoint to replace Justice David Souter, but I am praying he stays close to the center.  Still, I do not think there is enough on either side to tip the scales of judgment yet.

All that being said….there is one thing about President Obama and his adiministration that I will never be able to accept or condone. It breaks my heart that a man who has such a heart for the underpriveleged can be so blind to the least priveldeged demographic there is.

So President Obama, I have to agree with Mr. John Piper…. No, Mr. President, I will not stand by you on this issue.

(HT: Between Two Worlds)


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  1. I too was at commencement. I found President Obama to be charismatic and inspiring. The message to the class of 2009 to turn away from material gain and follow career paths that will make this a better world, was a strong one and I hope those grads really heard it. But I am sick to my stomach about the President’s support of abortion. Yes, we need to pray that God will soften his heart and guide him to protect the unborn.

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