Reflections on a gospel-centered, missionally-focused community

I’ve been spending time this week reflecting on the past year, and two years of VI. It has been humbling and exciting seeing how God has guided us along this journey that has been exciting and testing at the same time.rbody-tempe-night

VI is in a season of growth. Living Rooms are multiplying and new ones are being formed. This is ironic because many college ministries take a break during the summer. It has been a blessing seeing the fruit that has come out of these communities.

I went out to dinner a few nights ago with a few close friends. We’re all in different Living Rooms now even though we all started in the same one. At dinner we talked about how amazing it has been seeing God grow our community into several different ones over the last 2 years.

On January 2, 2008, I wrote down a few prayers in my journal I had for my Living Room. Just to clarify- a journal is not a diary.

My prayers were that:

  • we would be a community that pursued living out the gospel in every aspect of our lives
  • our community would blossom into a family of communities.
  • we would be given clarity of mission
  • we would pull together our gifts, talents, desires, and resources to make an impact for the Kingdom
  • we would break down preconceived, un-biblical ‘church kid’ thoughts, ideas, and practices so that we’d be able to live Kingdom-oriented, and gospel-centered lives

Here is what God has done with this one Living Room since then:

  • birthed 5 Living Rooms
  • birthed 1 woman’s study
  • birthed 1 young couples community (not with VI, but still with GCC)
  • 10 members from the original community are now equipped and leading other communities
  • non-believers are being led to Christ
  • believers who have fallen away have been led back to Christ
  • college students are growing in gospel knowledge and gospel implications for their lives
  • mentality has shifted from attending to serving and leading
  • 5 different outreach ministries birthed from the community

It is exciting to see what God has done with a single group of people willing to be used. I pray and hope that this will be an encouragement to each Living Room in the ministry. This journey has been full of mistakes, messy relationships, and a lot of repentance and reconciliation. The beautiful thing is that God doing this work through us. This isn’t our mission. It’s God’s mission.

Imagine what He can do with 8-10 Living Rooms if this is what He’s done with just one! Can’t wait to see what this next year brings!



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