Evidences of Grace

The beauty of the Christian life is that it solely reliant on the Grace of God. Everything is for, through, in, and by Jesus. Pride can slip into our lives if we’re not constantly preaching the Gospel to ourselves and humbly acknowledging God’s work through us.

So what are some evidences of Grace that you see in VI? What ways do you see God working? What areas is he moving in?

Here are a few that I’ve been seeing and rejoicing in:

  • God is turning a ministry led by college students into a  mission to Tempe and surrounding areas.
  • Despite our sin and mistakes God is creating communities of gospel-living young adults.
  • Living Rooms are unconditionally loving each other and outsiders.
  • The Gospel is transforming lives.
  • College students are being equipped for ministry and not wasting their college years.
  • College students are developing hearts and compassion for the lost, weak, and broken.

What evidences of Grace are you seeing in VI and your Living Rooms? Go ahead and post yours…..



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One response to “Evidences of Grace

  1. Paul

    I see basically the same evidences of grace as are already listed. I would have to say that the biggest evidence of grace that i have noticed is the way God continues to work through VI and the lives of everyone involved, even though we may think we are not ready, prepared, or equipped. Things can, have, and will get messy. However, Christ has continued His work through us. It’s been pretty awesome to see and be apart of.

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