How moralism kills



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2 responses to “How moralism kills

  1. Faithful Servant

    Not to sound like a wolf amongst the sheep or anything, but this speaker really doesn’t follow into the roots, possibly because it is merely an excerpt. About three seconds into the video he talks about your typical evangelical churches where the gospel is assumed and the nature of God is assumed. And that people grow up in the churches following the “do this” and “don’t do that” doctrine. They follow the “rules” and do “the right things”. Then when something “bad” occurs in their personal life they walk away from the church…. I’m willing to challenge if they were ever truly believers in Christ. To really understand the issue with believers falling away we must have a full understanding of the doctrine of regeneration. By in large that “church” Matt discusses in the beginning was mostly full of unregenerate moralists. And morality for the sake of morality apart from Christ is worth absolutely nothing. The “practical” Atheist is a moral man. Without the true reality of Christ in ones life we become nothing more than a parrot that says all the right things without having a clue about what we are talking about. Here is what fills an unregenerate church…. a group of people that grudgingly do righteousness and grudgingly give up wickedness. Christ needs to become that “pearl of great price” to us.

  2. Matt

    This excerpt was taken from a message in which Matt Chandler is speaking to primarely pastors/preachers. In this specific part of his message, he is speaking on the importance of doctrine, theology. He is telling the pastors that they need to really make sure their people understand the gospel/grace because it is the foundation to how we are to live this life as followers of Christ.

    There is a way we are to live this life as Christ followers. But Christians can take two different routes to accomplish this. They can take the route of religion/ moralism where it is based on the law. Or they can take the route of the gospel which is based on grace. I dont think that you can say that those Christians who follow the religion/moralism path “aren’t truly saved,” but rather they just haven’t learned their true identity in Christ. And it breaks God’s heart.

    Matt Chandler wants these pastors to really make sure that their people understand that their identity is in Christ, that we are Christ in us. Christ’s righteousness is ours as well. We have been declared completely holy. We mature as Christians when we learn to believe and trust more and more in who God has made us-we are new creatures, we have a new nature. We have the same power that raised Christ from the dead. We’re not slaves to sin anymore. We’ve got to believe this about ourselves.

    When practical messages aren’t centered around the gospel/grace as being the foundation for us to actually live it out, then people who dont understand the gospel/grace only have their own will power, strength and ability to live it out. This religious way will not work.

    One of my favorite quotes:
    “In our flesh we are always looking for something we can do to get right with Him rather than trusting what He has done to make us right, so He can get on with doing something right through us.” (

    “Hope in God. For he is a God of matchless grace. He elects by grace. He calls by grace. He sanctifies by grace. He sustains faith by grace. And he will glorify you by grace. You cannot earn it or deserve it or merit it. It is free. Believe it. Rest in it. Delight in it. And it is yours.” -John Piper

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