Defined: Family

At VI this Thursday we’ll be digging into what it means to be family. The text will be Acts 2: 42-47.

Here are the 3 overarching values we will be hitting on:

  • A gospel-family grows spiritually together.
  • A gospel-family does life together.
  • A gospel-family is on mission together.

Here are a few questions to ask while wrestling with this passage:

  • What caused this Acts community to all of a sudden act like this?
  • What does having “all things in common” mean?
  • In what ways does your Living Room reflect this community? In what ways does your community fall short?




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2 responses to “Defined: Family

  1. Seeker

    Thanks for the notes for tonight. I have a question.

    In VI, we talk quite a bit about the early church/the church of Acts 2 and how we are either like them or not like them. I have seen the Acts 2 church used as “model church” in discussions that we have had in the LR. So, my question is, are we using the early church as a model because we like that model or because we are commanded to in scripture? I’m not inferring that the model is bad or wrong. I’m simply wondering why we uphold this model, are we commanded to model after the early church and/or are we just more attracted to it?

  2. viministry

    Great question! I’ll address it specifically tonight at VI.


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