Defined: Missionary

On Thursday VI will be defining what it means to be missionaries sent by God into our culture.

We’ll be discussing how mission isn’t just something we do, but it’s also who we are. The goal is that we’re living missionaly, which means living out the gospel in the ordinary rhythms of life.

Here are 5 rhythms we’ll be looking over Thursday (adopted by Tim Chester and The Edge Network):

  1. Bless – We strive to bless others through word and deed.
  2. Listen – We take time to listen to people stories to understand them better and learn.
  3. Eat – We pursue time to share a meal with others.
  4. Speak – We look for opportunities to speak the gospel in all areas and circumstances.
  5. Sabbath – We celebrate and party what God has done/is doing.

The hope is that we’re doing all of these things together as a gospel-family and are in turn  going out others.

Which of the 5 rhythms are you already living out?

Which ones are you not?

What does it look like to practically live out these missional rhythms in your context (school, work, roommates, etc.)?


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