VI Serving ASU!

Dear VI’ers,

Over the last week a whole grip of you have helped to serve ASU in some awesome ways! I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for all of your hard work and dedication. Also, I wanted to say how encouraged I was to see such a great percentage of the VI family out there in the head, giving up their free time serve the students of ASU!!

For those of you who helped with the dorm move-in, I wanted to thank you specifically for working as hard as your did!! I can honestly say that you all were the hardest working people out there. While other groups were taking breaks, you were helping out more families!

For those who helped out with the Comedy Show, wow! How cool is it that VI had the most student representation of any of the ministries?!?! That speaks to the awesome things that God is doing through VI.

This last week was a long week for many of us. Sunday was 6+ hours in the sun(not to mention hours in front of a 300 degree grill!!) Instead of relaxing and “taking it easy” the last week of summer, so many of you gave up your time to help out the new students at ASU. What an awesome expression of the love of Christ to the university!

Nick and I are so thankful for you all. We are so excited to see what God has planned for VI this school year….and what a great way to start it out!!



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