2 Timothy Intro

This week VI is starting up it’s new series! 2 Timothy was written to Timothy from Paul while he (Paul) was in prison in Rome and awaiting execution. This is an extremely personally, emotional, and passionate letter. Bishop Handley Moule said, in reflection on the letter, that is it hard to read “without finding something like a mist gathering in my eye.”

In the letter, Paul defines, confirms, and charges Timothy’s personal ministry. He calls him to fan the flame of the gift of God (1:6), be on mission like a soldier and athlete (2:3-6), be a worker approved by God (2:15), and preach the gospel boldly (4:2).

The calling to Timothy is of boldness to demonstrate and declare the gospel. Boldness however, is only necessary if circumstances demand boldness. So, the question is: does the culture we live in demand boldness in speaking and showing the gospel? And if so, then are we bold in our faith to do the ministry that our circumstance demands?

Join us this Thursday as we dig into the letter of 2 Timothy and equip ourselves to be bold in a culture that demands it out of us.

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