2 Timothy 2:8-9

David and Goliath.

Noah’s Ark.

Father Abraham.

These are all stories most of us grew up as children.  This Thursday we’ll be looking into how Old Testament stories (like these) tie into the gospel, our lives, and our mission.

Questions to ask

What are some ways to “remember” Christ?

In what ways (that you know) does the Old Testament point to Jesus?

Here’s a sick quote to spend time digging into:

“The purpose of creation, redemption, and consummation are seen holistically as God’s purpose to glorify Christ by fulfilling the Adamic creation mandate, the universal Noahic promise, the patriarchal covenants, and the Israelite monarchy in Him, thus exalting Jesus as preeminent over the entire cosmos as the agent of creation, the true imago Dei, the Davidic subjugator of all rival powers, the firstborn of the eschatological resurrection from the dead, and the atonement through whom final cosmic peace is found at last (Col. 1:15-23).”

– Russell D. Moore



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