Positive or Negative? – 2 Timothy 2:14-19

This Thursday night we’ll be digging into 2 Timothy 2:14-19. The message is simple: don’t be a negative , be a positive.

Paul explains to Timothy that he should avoid “quarrelling about words” and “irreverent babble”. He then instructs his disciple to be a “good worker approved by God”. Within the church there are a ton of people who are either a blessing or a burden. These people can be classified as positives or negatives.

Here are some examples of negatives and positives:


•    Always want to fight over theology…
•    Or never stand up for anything
•    Are always critical of other ministries, churches, preachers
•    Are always buying Christian self-help books and following them as if they were the Word of God… then trying to teach others as if they are expects
•    Seeking evidences of depravity in others instead of evidences of God’s grace in others
•    Talk about people, not to them


o    Talk about the gospel and their heart
o    Avoid endless arguments
o    Pray for others instead of criticizing and gossiping
o    Confront sin seen in others to their face
o    Look for evidences of God’s grace in others instead of evidences of their depravity
o    Humbly and firmly defend and teach the gospel
o    Bring the (LR) discussions back to the gospel using scripture
o    Pursue a Paul in their life so that they may be taught sound doctrine
o    Pursue a Timothy to disciple

The burning questions:

Am I a negative or a positive?

Is this a “religious” message?

How is Jesus the answer?

How can he transform me into a positive missionary, servant (not sevant), learner, brother/sister?

See ya’ll Thursday



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