Kyle and I have the oppurtunity to be apart of Surge here in the Valley.  The best way to discribe Surge would be a missional leadership network that is committed to training, equipping, and sending leaders. Surge has helped us grow as missional leaders and has helped us implement many of the thing we do at VI.

In November Jeff Vanderstelt came in to train us up on what it meant to be disciples and make disciples. Here are some of the quotes taken from Jeff’s blog from the leaders that were at the training:
1. We must “make” disciples – How many times do we look around and want to get mad at people who aren’t doing “it” right? What we seem to forget, is that we seldom figured out anything on our own – rather we had people teach us. Yet, we want others to just “get it”. I was so humbled/convicted with Jeff’s call for us to intentionally teach others how to live out the gospel in all aspects of life (not just “model” it!).

2. “Christians bring the best wine” – I don’t drink…whatever, get over it. BUT, this comment really rocked my world. Not just with actually bringing the best wine (although that was a definitely a radical(ly cool) concept for me) but with the larger point…how do we as Christians make this world/party/sporting event/school/job/meeting/fundraiser/etc a better place? Sometimes it is as simple as bringing the best wine.

3. 1 Peter 3:15 – “always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you” – Jeff’s point: This is not about apologetics as much as it is about the question, “How can we live in such a way that the only explanation is the gospel?” Wow.

4. Discipleship begins at the point of relationship, not conversion.

5. Discipleship is a never ending process.

6. “Most of us have created another world to live within because we don’t know how to live within the world. We’re called to redeem culture, not replace it.”

7. Everyone lives under a dominant story – we need to determine what story they are living under and where/how the gospel applies to it.

8. Lots of people showing up on Sunday does not make a church. Disciples creating more disciples creates a church

9. The reason you try to pack everything into one night in your mc, is that you
are not discipling along the way.

10. “You don’t know if someone (or you) believes the gospel until they
are presented with something that cannot be done with out it.”

11. You can’t just sit around and wait for the “ministers” and
“ministry” of the church to equip you. You have a responsibility to
equip yourself and others. Find people who know what you don’t know
and learn from them. Find people who need to grow and disciple them.
It has to be done “along the way.” This is not speaking to someone and
having them say it back to you to prove that they learned it. You need
to see it lived out with them to see that they learned how the
implications transform their lives!

12. Being able to articulate what I’m learning.

13. Kneeling down asking “what’s next? how do you want me to serve?” and listening with the mindset of acting upon what I hear

14. I’m going to fail, a lot, and I need to be OK with that. Failure is an opportunity for my self desires to die. An opportunity for my heart to be softened and God to bring restoration.

15. When your life has integrity your words have more power.

16. If you are talking “for God”, or leading others in following God, you
need to be spending time listening to God.

17. If you aren’t reproducing disciples you aren’t living as the church.

18. You are responsible for stewarding not just your time, money, and family, but also the influence that God has given you

19. “Say the same thing, over and over and over and over.. I could have told you what passages Jeff would use (2 Tim, Eph 4, 1 Peter) and what he would have written on the board (Identities and Rhythms). But we were all zoned in. And there wasn’t “something else” we needed to hear. We needed the gospel.

20. Is the church really equipped? Every church would say, ‘Everyone is a minister’. Few actually structure and live that out. Will we do that?

21. People you disciple need to see you living the gospel out in your real life.

22. Every Missional Community sees themselves as the core of a potential church plant.

23. If you teach people the Word but do not train and equip them to obey it, you have not made a disciple.

24.. The power is not in your status or stature, but in your life. Jeff’s church is around a 1000. Not a megachurch by any means. He is 5 foot nothing. And he does not have a great preaching voice. But I’d listen to him all day because he says what is true, and his life backs it up. Did you hear how he told stories from “last week”. And they were names of people on his street? This isn’t “once upon a time I led this random guy to Christ.”


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