What I’ve learned in 2009 – Part 4

Here are the one’s that didn’t make the cut for the final list. Some are funny, some are serious. You can be the judge on which one’s are which.

– Always proof read any banner that you make. Being sevants is just not the same and being servants.

– A fake tan is never the way to go, especially if it’s your wedding.

– Heir is pronounced like “air”, not “hair”.

– While teaching, people will never tell you if you pronounced a word wrong. They’ll just laugh.

– Being in an all freshman Living Room makes you realize how old you’re getting.

– Showing up to VI the day after surgery loaded up on Percocet is not the best idea.

– Having a sling = girls taking notes for you in every class.

In the Intern House there will always be at least one person listening to/singing  Lady Gaga.

– A worship song can have the word “whore” in it.

If you invite 8 people to a 3 bedroom cabin in Pine Top for the weekend 30+ people will show up.

– Even if you cheat in building a gingerbread house you’ll still get beat because people take that stuff way too seriously.



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One response to “What I’ve learned in 2009 – Part 4

  1. Brandon

    For the record, I was joking about the cheating. I didn’t really care. 😛

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