Identity – Family

Through the gospel we are accepted into God’s family. That means we are sons and daughters of our Father and brothers and sisters in Christ.

Throughout Scripture we see that God’s desire is to create a people-an earthly family- who would live in such a way that the world would know what he is like. As God’s family we care for one another’s needs physically and spiritually. We understand that our relationship with Jesus is not just personal, but also communal. Because of this we are committed to encouraging, correcting, protecting, discipling, and nurturing each other.

As a family we’re committed to “doing life” together and intentionally being involved in each other’s lives.

Biblical foundation: Gen 12:1-3; John 1:12-13; Acts 2:42-47; Romans 12:10-16, Galatians 4:1-7

-In what ways do we pursue relationship with the Father together?
– Are we committed to spending time together?
– Do we prioritize our relationships with each other?
– Is everyone in the family cared for?
– Does everyone in the family know what we’re doing?

-Spend time praying to your Father together.
-Meet at least once a week as a family just to spend time blessing each other.
– Commit to learning someone’s story you don’t know that well in your LR.
– Share your biggest spiritual and physical needs with one another and serve them.

Adopted by Soma Communities and Missio Dei Communities.


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