Stories – Erwin

Here is what’s been going on with my man, Erwin…

Christ has provided me with true friendship and an amazing community of gospel centered believers. Of the little time that I’ve been a member at Grace Community Church, God has shown me what it is to live in community and truly grasp humility. The past year has been a healing and growing experience for me and the Lord hasn’t let me down. Before I came to VI, it was hard for me to find friends that are everyday believers and not fake. The Holy Spirit has reviled to me that I need to die to myself, encourage my brothers and sisters, live out the gospel, and pick up my cross and follow Him daily. In the Living Room that I’m a part of, God has done amazing things. I believe He has placed us in this group specifically to let us grow through one another. These members have shown me how much they love God and it makes me want to become more like Him.

Our Living Room volunteers with iHelp homeless ministry. We prepare lunches for the following day, and have conversations with those attending. They all have such amazing stories and experiences from where they came from. They are grateful that the church opens the doors and help them get back on their feet. I am so amazed how God works. How He chooses to love us and have a personal relationship with us. Through this ministry, God has shown me how much He loves us and how He will continue to change our lives through the body of believers in community. God has shown me through Pastor Josh that we all need a Paul to teach and guide us, A Barnabas to walk and encourage us, and a Timothy to pour into. As the semester starts out Living Room will continue to expand and reach out into the community to serve with willing hearts through Christ Jesus. This year for me will continue to be a learning and growing process with the community, through the gospel and our faith in Christ our Lord and Savior.


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