Sexy, Can I?

This Sunday VI will be starting up a new series on sexuality and relationships. The first week we’ll be looking into what the Bible says about sexuality. During the following weeks we’ll be discussing dating and marriage.  Below are questions that young adults in VI have asked relating to sexuality.

  • How do I battle sexual temptation?

  • How do I keep my mind from wandering while walking on campus?
  • Is oral sex biblical?

  • What do I do about guilt from sexual sin?
  • Is masturbation wrong if it keeps me from sexually sinning with someone else?

  • What do I do about R-rated movies and music with lustful lyrics? What is line between engaging culture and protecting myself?
  • What is considered “being modest” with the way I dress?

  • Do male and females have sexual desires and temptations differ?

And my personal favorite…

  • How do I bring sexy back?

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