Recap: Sexy, can I?

Here are the 11 things Chris Gonzalez shared with VI as part of his talk on sexuality.

  1. Your sexual sin at its root is an expression of your rebellion against God.
  2. Lie: 100% of guys masturbate.
  3. If you have not been saved by Jesus, you are enslaved to sin. If you have been saved by Jesus, you do NOT need to be enslaved to sexual sin.
  4. God created Men and Women differently. Men tend to be more visual and physical. Women tend to be more romantic and relational.
  5. Women, how should you dress? Don’t look for a rule. Instead, check where you are getting your identity from. Why do you dress the way you dress? To get attention? To fit in? These are gospel questions.
  6. “How far is too far?” is arguably the most religious question you can possibly ask.
  7. Oral sex is biblical… with you husband or wife.
  8. Behavior modification does not work. You have to get the “expulsive power of a greater affection.”
  9. Dudes, that girl you are  ing at/with is someone’s daughter. And the reason she is wearing that or doing that or dancing like that, or…is because some other dude (usually her dad or an ex) acted like a boy and treated her like a piece of meat. And now you are doing the same thing. Good job.
  10. The Greek word “porneia” is a junk drawer term for “sexual sin.” Quit being a pervert and trying to invent exceptions for yourself. Its still going in the junk drawer. (Driscoll)
  11. Ignoring and forgetting past sexual sin does not work. Trying to be really good to erase past sexual sin doesn’t work. Lk 7:36


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3 responses to “Recap: Sexy, can I?

  1. I’d just emphasize that this was *PART* of the talk. Please don’t take this as some legalistic list outside of the context of the Gospel Story I tried to tell. Also, I put some more caveats on things like #7.

    Other than that, I’d love to hear some feedback from ya’ll vi’ers!

  2. johnholman

    I love the Luke reference. Luke 7:48 is one of my favorite verses.

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