Sexy, can I? :: Dating

The Bible never addresses dating. Does this mean that dating is unbiblical? Does it mean we have the freedom to date however or whoever we want? Or should we dismiss dating altogether and retreat to a hyper-conservative model of courtship?

Curiously our culture has influenced and shaped our views on relationship and marriage far more then the Bible has. It is tough to find a magazine without “7 steps to please your man” or “4 ways to drive her wild” littered on the cover. It seems that almost every magazine on the rack (with the exception of Home and Garden) is geared towards guiding men and women through their relational and sexual experiences. As a result our culture is filled with a hook-up and break-up mentality. The style of dating is no more then a series of short-term relationships with selfish intent.

How do we have gospel-centered relationships? We need to be smart with how we go about pursing dating relationships. This means seeking a biblical framework.

On Sunday we’ll be discussing what it looks like to be in a gospel-centered relationship. We’ll examine the 3 context in which Christians are prone to date in- religion, irreligion, or gospel-centered.

Here are the questions VIers asked regarding dating. Note: these are actual, word-for-word questions submitted by students in VI.

  • How do I know if I’m pursuing a girl for the right reasons?
  • How do I know if the “issues” I see in someone are good reasons to hesitate or just somethings I should overlook?
  • How do I know if someone is “the one?”
  • How do I know if a guy is trustworthy?
  • What are somethings couples can do while dating to build their relationship and glorify God through it?
  • Should a girl ever pursue a guy?
  • Can I date someone who isn’t a Christian?



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