Dating Recap Part 2

Questions for guys

1. Are you pursing biblical manhood? (1 Tim 3:1-7)

2. Are you sexually pure? ( Col 3:5)

3. Are you overlooking good, godly women?

4. Do you enjoy being with her? (Ecc 9:9)

5. Is she modest? (1 Tim 2:9-10)

6. Will she follow your leadership? (Eph 5:22)

7. Do you see her as God’s daughter? (Gal 4: 1-7)

8. Are you a man-whore? (1 Tim 3:2) Are you a one woman man? Or are you constantly looking for/flirting with/Facebook stalking every “Christian” girl you find attractive? Do you rack through the crop of  every college or young adult ministry?

Questions for girls

1.  Are you pursuing biblical womanhood? (Titus 2:5)

2. Do you want to join him in his pursuits? (Eph 5: 22-23)

3. Does he remain strong and gospel-centered in tough times? ( 2 Tim 1:7)

4. Does he take responsibility?

5. Are you dating him in order to fill a void or cover an insecurity instead of turning to Jesus for identity in the gospel?

6. Are you pursuing personal strength in your relationship with Christ? (Proverbs 31:17)

7. Are you actively engaging in God’s mission, or just waiting around for “Mr. Right?” (Proverbs 31:20)

8. How does he treat you? (1 Tim 3:3)

9. How valuable are you to him? (Proverbs 31:10)



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