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Positive or Negative? – 2 Timothy 2:14-19

This Thursday night we’ll be digging into 2 Timothy 2:14-19. The message is simple: don’t be a negative , be a positive.

Paul explains to Timothy that he should avoid “quarrelling about words” and “irreverent babble”. He then instructs his disciple to be a “good worker approved by God”. Within the church there are a ton of people who are either a blessing or a burden. These people can be classified as positives or negatives.

Here are some examples of negatives and positives:


•    Always want to fight over theology…
•    Or never stand up for anything
•    Are always critical of other ministries, churches, preachers
•    Are always buying Christian self-help books and following them as if they were the Word of God… then trying to teach others as if they are expects
•    Seeking evidences of depravity in others instead of evidences of God’s grace in others
•    Talk about people, not to them


o    Talk about the gospel and their heart
o    Avoid endless arguments
o    Pray for others instead of criticizing and gossiping
o    Confront sin seen in others to their face
o    Look for evidences of God’s grace in others instead of evidences of their depravity
o    Humbly and firmly defend and teach the gospel
o    Bring the (LR) discussions back to the gospel using scripture
o    Pursue a Paul in their life so that they may be taught sound doctrine
o    Pursue a Timothy to disciple

The burning questions:

Am I a negative or a positive?

Is this a “religious” message?

How is Jesus the answer?

How can he transform me into a positive missionary, servant (not sevant), learner, brother/sister?

See ya’ll Thursday



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2 Timothy 2:8-9

David and Goliath.

Noah’s Ark.

Father Abraham.

These are all stories most of us grew up as children.  This Thursday we’ll be looking into how Old Testament stories (like these) tie into the gospel, our lives, and our mission.

Questions to ask

What are some ways to “remember” Christ?

In what ways (that you know) does the Old Testament point to Jesus?

Here’s a sick quote to spend time digging into:

“The purpose of creation, redemption, and consummation are seen holistically as God’s purpose to glorify Christ by fulfilling the Adamic creation mandate, the universal Noahic promise, the patriarchal covenants, and the Israelite monarchy in Him, thus exalting Jesus as preeminent over the entire cosmos as the agent of creation, the true imago Dei, the Davidic subjugator of all rival powers, the firstborn of the eschatological resurrection from the dead, and the atonement through whom final cosmic peace is found at last (Col. 1:15-23).”

– Russell D. Moore


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What have you heard?

This week will be continuing our 2 Timothy series, picking up in Chapter 2 verse 2 –

“And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

We believe that while the Bible is the authorative and inerrant Word of God and is also the way in which God has chosen to reveal himself to us, that we are not suppose to just throw an ESV Study Bible at our classmate and say “Go get ’em champ! We’ll talk when you know your 5 points to Calvinism!” No, the Bible was never meant to be read and studied just by ourselves. Scripture teaches that we are to be discipled by wise, godly Christians, to learn the gospel from them and then to teach it to others (rinse, lather, repeat).  This lines up with two of our “identities” as followers of Jesus – learners and missionaries.

However equally as important as it is to learn and teach, is what you learn and what you teach!

I can not tell you how many times I have heard someone who grown up in a christian home, gone to a christian school, or sat in church on Sunday mornings and listened to literally hundreds of sermons in their lifetime begin to give their friends unbiblical or incomplete counsel, such as –

  • “God helps those who help themselves”
  • “Just follow your heart”
  • “If somebody hurts you, you deserve to get even”
  • “You can’t help it – it’s just how you were raised”
  • “Got must be punishing you for your sin”
  • “Just trust, God will provide” (trust what exactly? provide what exactly?!)
  • “Jesus is the answer” (yes, but how?!?!)
  • Or my personal favorite … “You gotta get yours son”

One of my biggest frustrations/fears/sorrows as a pastor is how many people who call themselves Christians, and have “learned” about God for years, cannot articulate the gospel and do not know biblical truths. If part of our identity in Christ is to be “missionaries”, how can we faithfully do that if we have not lived up to our identity as “learners”?

That being said, one of my biggest joys as a pastor is thinking about the many people in VI who have learned the gospel and can teach it to others. The reason we talk about the gospel every week at VI (other then the main reason – that it is foundation for everything) is so that hopefully it will burned so far into our brains that we will never forget it.

This Thursday, be prepared to put together an account of “what you have heard” from Paul and the other authors of scripture. We will be doing this as a collaborative effort with our living rooms. I hope this will be a great way to work together as “family” (another of our identities) to better learn about God’s amazing plan for his creation.


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Suffering for the Gospel (2 Timothy 1:8-10)

There will be suffering in this life. Paul addresses this right off the bat in his last letter to Timothy. He doesn’t just call Timothy to endure suffering, but to share in suffering for the gospel. 2-tim-logo2

Am I the only one who thinks this is weird?

Sharing in suffering suggests that we have the choice to partake in it our not.  If we were all honest with each other I think most people would rather be comfortable then in suffering. After all, we live in a culture that’s centered around comfort.

So, are we called to suffer?

If so, what does that look like in our context?

We’ll talk about it Thursday night! See you there!


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2 Timothy Intro

This week VI is starting up it’s new series! 2 Timothy was written to Timothy from Paul while he (Paul) was in prison in Rome and awaiting execution. This is an extremely personally, emotional, and passionate letter. Bishop Handley Moule said, in reflection on the letter, that is it hard to read “without finding something like a mist gathering in my eye.”

In the letter, Paul defines, confirms, and charges Timothy’s personal ministry. He calls him to fan the flame of the gift of God (1:6), be on mission like a soldier and athlete (2:3-6), be a worker approved by God (2:15), and preach the gospel boldly (4:2).

The calling to Timothy is of boldness to demonstrate and declare the gospel. Boldness however, is only necessary if circumstances demand boldness. So, the question is: does the culture we live in demand boldness in speaking and showing the gospel? And if so, then are we bold in our faith to do the ministry that our circumstance demands?

Join us this Thursday as we dig into the letter of 2 Timothy and equip ourselves to be bold in a culture that demands it out of us.

2 Tim Logo

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