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VI’ers Serving Homeless in Tempe

In VI we encourage all of our “Living Rooms” to have a service project that they do as a group.  One of the living rooms has decided to adopt I-HELP as their project. If you don’t know, I-HELP is a great outreach to the homeless that churches around the Valley come together to support, VI (and Grace) have taken Tuesday nights. Today, The Arizona Republic did a write-up on I-HELP. It is a great read to get a feel for what some VI’ers are doing for King Jesus…



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Gearing Up

I woke up this morning and realized that I haven’t posted (with the exception of videos) on the blog for a while now. It has been a packed last few weeks as we’re preparing for the fall. The count down is 15 days until we kick off our Thursday night gathering!

Our leadership team sat down in the beginning of the summer to discuss and dream of what we hope God would accomplish through us this upcoming school year. Here are a few goals we went over:

  • To lead people to Christ. This seems like an obvious one but is sadly a missing factor for some ministries and churches. Will VI be committed to seeking to lost?
  • Become a city on a hill to ASU and Tempe
  • Saturate the area with Jesus followers
  • Create a reproducible structure of ministry
  • Equip and empower college students to live gospel-centered and mission-focused
  • Create communities that are living and loving each other like family

I’m praying that we would be open to what God has planned for us.

Here is a sneak peak at our first series starting July 23rd-

Picture 1Nick

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Evidences of Grace

The beauty of the Christian life is that it solely reliant on the Grace of God. Everything is for, through, in, and by Jesus. Pride can slip into our lives if we’re not constantly preaching the Gospel to ourselves and humbly acknowledging God’s work through us.

So what are some evidences of Grace that you see in VI? What ways do you see God working? What areas is he moving in?

Here are a few that I’ve been seeing and rejoicing in:

  • God is turning a ministry led by college students into a  mission to Tempe and surrounding areas.
  • Despite our sin and mistakes God is creating communities of gospel-living young adults.
  • Living Rooms are unconditionally loving each other and outsiders.
  • The Gospel is transforming lives.
  • College students are being equipped for ministry and not wasting their college years.
  • College students are developing hearts and compassion for the lost, weak, and broken.

What evidences of Grace are you seeing in VI and your Living Rooms? Go ahead and post yours…..


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Help the Kiddos…

Are you already going through withdraws from class? Can’t sleep in late because your 7 am class messed up your sleep patterns? Do feel like your in heaven when you hear hundreds of screaming kids?

If so, you need to serve at Vacation Bible School this summer!


You can print a volunteer form online, here. Then turn it into the table on Sunday, or give it to Nick or I.

VBS is an awesome opportunity to serve your church and your community….plus, it will get your parents off your back about getting a summer job (at least for a week!)

Finally, if you are interested in serving in Childrens Ministry for the whole summer on Sunday mornings, email me at . They are looking for people in the 9:45 or 11:13 timeslots. What an awesome opportunity to serve!!


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Kill The Buzz Words

Engage. Missional. Evangelism. Emerging. Edgy.

Ever hear these words thrown around before?

All these words are linked to movements within the Church striving to live out The Great Commission of Jesus…

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to he end of the age.” – Matthew 28:19-20319994718_qffwr-x31

So how do we (VI) actually do this?

How do we (VI) put meaning behind these buzz words?

There are a few things I’ve found that need to happen in order to engage the culture with the gospel and live missionally:

1. Leave our comfortable Christian zones and build relationships with those outside of our community.

2. Love the people in our culture (ASU, Tempe, MCC, Chandler) without expecting anything back

3. Listen to their stories, and not just try to fit them into ours.

4. Learn about the culture and the people in it. What they like. What they do. Why they do it, etc. 

5. Live among them instead of retreating to our Christian caves.

My hope is that our ministry can truly live out God’s calling for us by being in the city and campus he has placed us in.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be expounding on the 5 L’s above.  




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New Urbanism…

The Arizona Republic released an article on the urbanization of Tempe. Some are calling Tempe “the new American city.” It is pretty sweet.

Read the article here


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